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Species - Acer saccharum, found throughout the northern United States and Canada.

Rough Cut Book matched unjoined  Flame maple For guitar /bass 10 mm

Dims (mm)


530 x 200 x 10 mm per half 



These tops will need join shooting and final sanding !!!

We store several hundred  tops in a humidity controlled environment for over a year, these are very dry, perfect for carving.

The pictures are of the actual piece you are going to buy, make sure this one is the one you prefer. We do put alcohol on the tops to show the figure, but the last picture is without.


Please note we can take these boards down to any size & thickness required for an extra £10.00


We have added some Alcohol on a couple of Pictures to show you the Pop.

Rough Cut Book matched unjoined Flame maple For guitar /bass 10 mm

  • Flamed Maple unjoined

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