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3 Day Assembly Course

£480 course fee, parts and materials from £350

This course utilises high quality bodies and necks made at East Durham Guitars. You can choose to
build a Strat, Tele or P-Bass style guitar. Hardware and pickups are provided but you can choose to
upgrade these for an additional cost or bring your own. The necks provided have a paddle

headstock so you can customise the guitar if you wish.

Day 1 - Sanding, fret finishing and initial assembly to check neck alignment, and fit of hardware
and parts

Day 2 - Staining and oil finishing processes as well as initial harness wiring prior to final assembly

Day 3 - Final assembly and wiring, setting up the guitar, testing it and possibly even a bit of

You will leave with a fully functional quality instrument and will have had a thoroughly

enjoyable experience!

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