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10 Day Build Course

£1,600 course fee, parts and materials cost dependent on specification

This course is for more complex builds such as carved tops, semis and thru-necks.

It is split into two weekly blocks and is for those who want to experience building an electric guitar from scratch. You can recreate an existing design or create your own.


You can choose your hardware and pickups, which we can supply, or you can bring your own.


The instrument will have an oiled, and possibly stained, finish, and there are some very attractive timbers available at East Durham

Guitars to choose from. If you want a paint or lacquered finish, additional tuition can be supplied, or we can apply the finish for you.

Day 1 - Design layout, template manufacture and basic machining of timber

Day 2 - Body or neck routing, dependent on design

Day 3 - Body or neck routing, dependent on design

Day 4 - Fitting of cap/wings, dependent on design

Day 5 - Cavity routing, hole drilling and top carving if required

Day 6 - Body sanding, fretboard manufacture and glueing

Day 7 - Neck shaping, inlays, radius fretboard, fretting

Day 8 - Dry assembly and any adjustments

Day 9 - Final sanding and oil finishing

Day 10 - Assembly, set-up and play!

You will leave with a high quality instrument and probably an appetite to build more!

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