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LP Style Body with Beautiful Padauk top on a rear routed  Body - 100% UK Made


Species - Acer, found throughout the United States.

Body - Liriodendron tulipifera, found throughout Eastern United States.


The picture shows the body you will receive

The woods were carefully selected from our stocks to produce a series of stunning custom guitar bodies.

On some pics we added a little high grade alcohol to make the figure pop - once the top is stained the true calibre of the figure will show.

All of our guitar bodies are cnc made but cleaned by hand.

 Wiring and output jack holes are Pre-drilled. Except Neck Holes

These bodies will need final sanding.

Some pics had alcohol wiped on to enhance to colour as if it was lacquered.


Body thickness = 44.6mm

Neck Pocket depth = 14.8mm

Heel width @ end = 55.6mm

Body Weight = approx 2.60kg


Please look through all the pics to make sure this exactly what you want.

Fantastic value & 100%  Made in England

LP style body , Poplar 2 x P90, Beautiful Padauk Top 100% UK Made #LP002

  • Tulip Wood & padauk

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