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MG-30 Multi-Effects Modeler Pedal


MG-30 is a top flight modelling effect processor from the NU-X range. Dual high speed processing offers accurate modelling of 30 different amplifier options, including bias tweaking for an extra dimension of response adjustment, all using the proprietary NU-X TSAC-HD algorithm. Impulse response programming presents a choice of 8 guitar cabinets, 8 bass cabinets, 8 microphones in 3 different axis positions and even 3 acoustic guitar emulation profiles.


Once the main guitar tone is programmed, there are 8 effects blocks which can be assigned to different positions in the signal chain, including WAH, CMP, GATE, EFX, EQ, MOD, DLY & RVB.


An expression pedal covers wah and swell effects among other possibilities. Each has modes and/or parameters which can be adjusted and saved within the patch as needed.


Real-time editing uses rotary encoders and switches, making for a natural and organic process and all parameters and graphics are displayed on a vibrant 4" colour display. Add to this a fully functioning USB audio interface, phrase looper, PC/Mac editor/librarian/updater, aux input, effects loop, drum machine and NMP-2 foot-switch control and the MG-30 covers practically all bases. This unit provides all the processing power and audio quality that could be asked from any professional guitar processor at a fraction of the price of its component features.


  • 4" colour LCD display
  • Multi-function rotary & navigation controls
  • High definition amplifier models
  • Impulse response models for cabinets, microphones and acoustic emulation
  • 8 distinct effect blocks with editable signal chain positions
  • Built-in USB audio interface, editor/librarian and updater
  • Built-in drum machine and phrase looper (up to 60secs)
  • Assignable and adjustable expression pedal
  • Ultra-low latency from dual NXP RT processors
  • NMP-2 footswitch included for remote control
  • 9Vdc power adaptor included
  • Power supply9Vdc, 400mA pin-negative (adaptor included)
  • Inputs6.3mm jack (guitar), 3.5mm jack (aux input)
  • Outputs2 x 6.3mm jack (L/mono + R) to amp or mixer
  • Sends : returns6.3mm jack send (1k ohm) & return (220k ohm)
  • Headphone output3.5mm stereo jack
  • USB portUSB type-C for audio interface, PC/Mac editing & updating
  • Remote control connectionEXP1 TRS 6.3mm jack
  • Sampling format48kHz, 32-bit
  • Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz (±1dB)
  • Input impedance1M ohm
  • Output impedance1k ohm
  • Dynamic range110dB
  • Dimensions313 x 166 x 54mm
  • Weight1.5kg

MG-30 Multi-Effects Modeler Pedal

  • UK mainland shipping 1-3 Days  £9.99

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